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Week 202

It’s an absolutely gorgeous summer day outside. One of the first of the year, in fact. Sun may not be noteworthy in your part of the world, but this is the Netherlands so it totally is. You can imagine the willpower it takes for me to stay inside and write this. Anyway, on to what we did last week.

Alper tells me he spent most of his time working on Beestenbende. This was the last week before the new version’s release, so he had his work cut out for him. We got a nice rhythm going, him ticking of stuff in our sprint backlog as he committed code, myself testing it all, catching the odd bug. I also tweaked copy and art to match the slightly adjusted game play. The new version is easier to pick up and play. We mostly took out stuff, streamlined interactions, etc. I can’t tell you how nice it is to get another chance to polish a game that was already quite well done.

We do a lot of consulting lately. Although I should qualify that and say our consulting is less about talking through slide decks and discussing and more about collaboratively sketching and prototyping. The former can be useful, but the latter is more suited to our temperament. To this end, Alper put some time into preparing for upcoming engagements. Meanwhile, I participated in a workshop focused on the creation of a new physical space for playful culture—which was supported by a luxurious amount of graphic facilitators. I also co-facilitated the first workshop for project ASARI on which we are collaborating with This is about enabling people to experience future outcomes of large public infrastructure projects.

Odds and ends:

Alper continued to meet with new and interesting Berlin people. Similarly, I had a few nice chats with potential new clients at the monthly Dutch Game Garden networking lunch.

And finally, I headed to Dalfsen to attend a photo shoot for an upcoming Dutch Design Week exhibition on designers and farmers, which Pig Chase is part of. Predictably, the humans (me, Irene and farmer Dick) were upstaged by a rather fetching piglet.

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