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Week 204

In Berlin, Alper spent time preparing for an upcoming two-day workshop on-site for SAME. He’s chewing on complicated stuff together with Sebastian, involving on-the-job learning in an unfamiliar culture. We’re looking at applying principles of self-determination theory and we need to do as much of it with analog means. No mean feat.

Meanwhile, I mostly worked on ASARI, visiting for meetings with the design team twice, and iterating on my concept sketches for game-like interactions. I was quite pleased with how after many rounds of revision, a somewhat predictable mini-games-based idea has morphed into an interesting mix of infographics and toy-like interactions.

Even though each of us is actively working on one of these projects, we’re getting better and better at building in time for quick, focused discussions that improve the quality of our work tremendously. You could call it WAT: working apart together.

Besides client work, we are committed to pursuing more self-commissioned projects. At the moment, this is AJI: an investigation into playfully augmenting civil disobedience and “piazza plus social media“. I hashed out screens based on the minimal-viable set of user stories we had agreed on after some discussion. Alper then sat down to bang out a first prototype, which I will have to take a look at soon…

More extracurricular activity took place in the form of playtesting on the coffee tasting game I’ve been thinking about for far too long already. Alper had a go together with Peter at KANT and provided me with valuable feedback. I have a list of things I want to tangle with, now to just make the time to do so.

Played the Cuppings tasting game with Peter and came up with this profile for Five Elephant's El Salvador Las Nubes Honey. Their notes: 'toasted almonds and blood orange marmalade with a nutty cocoa finish'

Speaking of KANT—the new workplace Alper has taken residence in and therefore also Hubbub’s new base of operations—a new overview of what all of KANT’s illustrious residents have to offer has gone up.

In Utrecht, I closed off the week with an excellent FRIDAYS AT 7. We had a nice turnout, most notably Joris Dormans, who put all game designers present to shame by bringing not one but three game prototypes (one digital, one boardgame and one cardgame). Naturally, we played all three of them and were more than entertained.

Playtesting a card game by Joris about arranged marriages.

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