Hubbub has gone into hibernation.

Week 205

Last week was a decisive week for both ASARI and SAME, projects in two countries that both went through their final phases.

Kars prepped ASARI for a client presentation. He went through the concept with the design team and sketched out our concepts for the final presentation which was received well. We have thought up a bunch of toy-like info-graphics that should provide interesting and fun insights into the scale of the works. We also came up with an outdoors activity that we can tie back into the website. Kars then started to prototype everything out in Processing.js to make it precisely clear what we want to achieve.


I prepared for SAME and flew to Munich to workshop with our client there on Wednesday and Thursday together with Sebastian Deterding. We dove straight in and got invaluable time with subject matter and cultural experts to calibrate our thinking with. In our two days there we managed to run through the full course of ideation, clustering, conception and playtesting. We also called Kars in on Skype to get some of his input. Compressing all of this into such a short timeframe is a creative tour de force but it does provide highly valuable insights.

Remote Working

The updated Beestenbende is doing what it should and we should be moving forward with finalizing those improvements and distilling a new release to deploy in the museum.

I spent most of Friday doing a 3D programming course organised by my friends of UIKonf and given by Stijn Oomes. We spent the day diving into both SceneKit and OpenGL ES and talking about the upcoming SpriteKit framework in iOS7 which is supposed to make life for game developers a lot easier. I may apply some of these skills in an upcoming project, but for now just a refresher in 3D programming and how the pipeline works on iOS was really valuable and fun.

Stij Oomes dropping some proper knowledge. Going to dive into 3D programming today.

And that same Friday I attended the Critical Mass Berlin. Bicycle culture and the reappropriation of the city are things that are close to our hearts and this particular event turned out to be a particularly fun celebration of cycling.

Cycle selfie

I will be representing Hubbub at Playful, Mozilla Festival and probably at Gamecity as well. Which means I’ll be in and around London for most of that week in October.

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