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Week 206–207

I’m writing up two weeks in one go, for no particular reason other than that I was on a short holiday in Stockholm last week even though it was my turn to do notes. For shame. (STHLM is a recommended destination, I should add.)

Alper wrapped up project SAME together with Sebastian. They documented the output from the workshops and handed over to the client. I look forward to seeing how things will develop at the client’s end, they have a very interesting challenge ahead of them.

Project AJI—the self-commissioned research project we’re working on this quarter—saw some action with Alper banging out a first minimal prototype. I played around with it, suggested some improvements and we have set a target for the next iteration.

Work on Beestenbende continued, too. I had a very productive work session with the museum’s education expert. We went through the game front to back and made numerous copy improvements. I really enjoy the fact that we’ve managed to create a very collaborative working relationship with the museum. It makes what could be incredibly painful processes a lot of fun in stead.

Those copy updates required some interface adjustments, which I made shortly after and Alper wrapped everything up and sent a new version to the museum, ready for another round of testing.

For ASARI, I decided to build a digital prototype of the “infographic toys” we’d come up with earlier. Since so much of the fun of playing with these things will come from their feel and their micro-interactions, it made sense to do this. Sketches and written descriptions would simply leave too much up for interpretation.

I also went over to to hand over the prototype and documentation to their lead developer.

Finally, in the past two weeks I published two blog posts. One on how we currently approach design consulting, and one an interview with Marc Fonteijn about the documentary film Making Progress.

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