Hubbub has gone into hibernation.

Week 208

Last week was awesome because Kars was in Berlin for most of the week working from KANT. We have a highly functional way of working-apart-together setup which powers most of the studio’s work but there is a level of creative energy that is hard to achieve over a FaceTime connection. Besides that we also did a whole lot of housekeeping as well as eating and drinking both of which are easier when you are in the same location. Hubbub will be changing and growing in the future.

Today's office. (For a while already.)

We spent some time this week on our Cuppings coffee tasting game. Besides being the purveyors of a reasonably successful coffee guide we thought we could combine our interests in both games and coffee to create a game that demystifies the coffee tasting process. Our current playtests are highly encouraging and this is something that you should be able to play soon.

Another iteration of KOHI aka the Cuppings game. Close to a version which is ready for the public.

AJI is an important focus at the moment. We are working out our our design notes on the piazza + social media space which are due out this week. I had already built a workable prototype for the provocation we want to launch but it also needs to look good. We are going to spend considerably time in the next weeks before I head to Tokyo to make it look good and then show the world.


Consulting, proposals and new things are moving forward slowly which is what is to be expected during the height of August.

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