Hubbub has gone into hibernation.

Week 211

Last week, Alper was away on holiday in Japan, making a courageous effort to drink all the coffee in Japan. His travels continue this week, let’s hope he does not spontaneously combust.

Real deal

I was joined by Simon on Tuesday for a day of work on ASARI. We detailed the design of the toylike interactive infographics that will be part of the website. After some whiteboard sketching, I hacked together another iteration in Processing, while Simon put together comps in Fireworks. I also made a quick screencast of me clicking through the prototype and talking about some design decisions for the rest of the distributed team.

Other notable activities included:

  • A planning meeting on Thursday with the Utrecht University Museum for what will probably be the final iteration on Beestenbende for the foreseeable future;
  • and a quick presentation of the studio for a group of people from some of NL’s most prominent museums, who were in the building for a workshop with INTK about museum analytics.

On Friday, I took a break from work to visit my longtime friend Dennis in Warsaw where he is working on The Witcher 3.

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