Hubbub has gone into hibernation.

Week 213

This was one of those in-between weeks so I’ll keep things short.

I wrote up and published a project page for Ripple Effect. This was a very interesting and rewarding engagement with Shell, which we hope will see follow-up in the next year.

Alper returned from Japan. I updated him of the things that went down in his absence and we were off again.

Off working on SANMA, to be exact. We reviewed materials shared by the client and formulated possible avenues of exploration. On Friday morning we had an early Skype call to discuss these. (Did I mention SANMA’s client is based in Australia? Makes for interesting conference call times.) We decided on which things we’ll be working on more closely next.

The week ended with odds and ends, such as a pleasant mid-day meeting catching up with Ianus. I did some planning work for Beestenbende’s final iteration and wrapped up with spectating some GTA V which was being played in the Dutch Game Garden’s shared space.

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