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Week 214

While I was coming down from my cold, Kars spent the week crisscrossing the Netherlands attending meetings of various kinds. One such meeting was about the future of education in a truly idyllic location pictured below.

Today's office.

ASARI is in its final phase, running through spreadsheets to see how the design will work out with real world numbers. SANMA is gaining momentum with us just having processed the initial brief package and coming up with a general idea what it is we would like to work on. It is nice to see the ebb and flow of these consulting engagements.

Kars also went to the HKU to be interviewed for the Dutch Design Week and to Rotterdam to visit Pony Design Club and attend This Happened – Rotterdam #2 organized by our dear friends. He says:

WORM is an awesome space (fitted with reused airplane interior panels) and the talks were good. I particularly liked Drone It Yourself. The creator said for a period any object sparked the question ‘will it fly?'”

He also visited Indigo, to catch up with the Dutch games scene and then on the weekend he went to Hilversum again to be on Pavlov, a Dutch radio show by NTR about human behaviour. The show is online for you to listen to. I think it is very valuable to have a designer offer a practical counter-point to the scientists who are usually featured in these kind of programmes.

As I said I had been sick for a week and spent the end of the week preparing my talk for Retune 2013, a creative technology conference organized by good friends with a very diverse group of speakers (see below a picture of Sascha Pohlflepp presenting on science fiction and his amazing work). I will be writing a bit about my talk this week and I hope to share the recording sometime soon.

Sascha Pohlflepp kicking it off with science fiction #retune13

And I got a nice drawing of it from Anna Lena Schiller:

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