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Week 215

Last week was pretty busy.

The first few days were taken up by our first intermittent delivery for SANMA. I put together our ideas in a slide deck mainly made up of scans of sketches and photos of whiteboards. A lot of this was aimed to provoke more than to solve. We went through the deck with the client in a Skype conference. Some parts we’d come up with were pretty much spot on and ready for elaboration. Other parts were way off mark, but that’s OK: by being unambiguously so, we had some really useful discussion about an alternative direction. Provocation leading to clarity. Good. We wrote the main points from the call up in a debrief, shared that with the client and are now ready to start the second pass.

We also iterated once more on Beestenbende. These are some final adjustments to the current version, which runs on iPods/iPhones. After delivering this, we’re going to switch to a big overhaul targeting the iPad Mini. We feel this device hits the sweet spot in terms of portability and shareability. Beestenbende is played by families using one device. The iPad are too bulky to walk around with for prolonged periods of time, but the iPod’s screen is just too small for a group of much more than three persons to see. The iPad Mini seems to offer a good compromise between the two.

On Tuesday we took a few hours to review how the company is doing using the OKRs we’d set for the third quarter. OKRs (objectives and key results) are a method allegedly in use over at Google and this was the first time we reviewed them. It was fun scoring each, being harsh with ourselves and seeing where we were doing well and where we needed to step up our game. A side-effect I had not anticipated was that it made apparent which part of the company we have more or less instant insight into, and which parts are a bit opaque. Having reviewed our OKRs we set new ones for the final quarter of the year and broke them down into tasks in Asana. I look forward to seeing how we perform at the next review.

All of this happened and also quite a few sales calls, meetings with collaborators, writing of proposals, etc. Like I said: busy!

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