Hubbub has gone into hibernation.

Week 217

Alper started last week putting the final touches on the code-y bits behind a Tumblr we set up to capture a part of the things that pass through Hubbub’s semi-closed studio chat channel.

Meanwhile, I did some work on a Processing sketch that would help Simon with the art for the playable infographics we’re making for ASARI. In stead of assuming a certain amount of data could be represented visually, I did a small software experiment to make sure it would be.

On Tuesday, I wrote up our brief for the work we’ll be doing with IED students at the RCA this week. It is titled “A Free-to-Play World”. We’ll probably share some of it as well as work from the students at a later date.

(And yes, this means myself and Alper will be in London. We’ll be there all week starting tomorrow. Look for us at Playful and Mozilla Festival.)

I also appeared on Dutch national radio together with Irene to talk about Pig Chase. The project, which is over two years old now, is receiving attention again due to its inclusion in the Agri Meets Design exhibition at Dutch Design Week.

In the studio

Meanwhile Alper put work into the lecture we’ll deliver at the RCA. It will be a mixture of talking about the making of several Hubbub projects, as well as a discussion of some of the themes we’re currently interested in, which I’ll summarize off the cuff as social justice in the new new economy.

On Wednesday Alper got started with the iPad mini version of Beestenbende. He converted the current app, which is made for iPod/iPhone to an iPad project.

The next day Simon and I kicked off our work on the same project by visiting the museum to play the current version of the game. Simon was new to the game so we figured this would be the best introduction. We made notes of things we would do differently on the iPad and then returned to the studio to sketch out the new app.

That same day we also did a delivery of artwork for the ASARI playable infographics.

The rest of the week was taken up with more preparation for our visit to the RCA and work on Beestenbende.

Over the weekend, Alper spent some time fiddling with Cuppings and AJI.

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