Hubbub has gone into hibernation.

Week 220

Last Monday Kars handed over the running engagements to me and tied up some loose ends for ASARI and SABA before jumping on a plane to NYC. He’s there for a week of sight-seeing with his lovely wife before I follow him for work.

That left me with a productive week where I integrated the design for AJI into something we should be able to shoot a movie of in New York. I was supposed to see the results on our brief for the RCA but Skype effectively prevented that from happening. I do hope to see them in the near future and maybe share some stuff.

I worked a bit on Beestenbende coordinating the visual design of the iPad conversion and diving into the technical glitches that resulted in the transitioning to iOS7. Almost everything is still working but AVCaptureSessions are a bit less forgiving than they used to be forcing me to spend some time chasing a memory leak.

For the rest I wrote some proposals and met with a bunch people at our Berlin office. I’ll be wrapping up work there today before I hop on a plane to NYC myself on Tuesday. There Kars and I will attend PRACTICE and meet as many interesting people as we can.

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