Hubbub has gone into hibernation.

Week 222

Last week concluded our visit to New York. We’re very happy that we managed to squeeze in meeting lots of friends in those couple of days. We also attended Sleep No More, an immersive theater project by Punchdrunk which is touted as the best in this field. The experience and set decoration were impeccable but the show felt like an uncomfortable intermediate between theater and installation with more of a museum feeling than anything else.

Today's office

All the while we were in the coffee shops of New York continuing work, planning and e-mails. We also shot some footage for AJI in the financial district to see whether we can show better what it is we are planning.


Tuesday evening both of us flew back to our respective home cities and spent the rest of the week getting back into the swing of things hobbled by a modicum of jet lag. Our work on Beestenbende was received positively and we are moving that project forward to a quick conclusion. I spent time on contracts and future engagements.

Morning sky

What could have turned into a slow week was finished in Utrecht with a major get together of game designers for Prototype Fridays (photos). Prototypes of three board games and two videogames were played and critiqued after which everybody retired to De Zaak for a FRIDAYS AT 7 to close off the week with a nice crowd of people.

Testing Joris' boardgame about oil at Prototype Fridays #2

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