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Video of our Playing with Rules workshop at Mozilla Festival 2013

This October Kars and I were in London (see notes for that week) to do a workshop titled Playing with Rules at Mozilla Festival among many other things. We modified an exercise we had used previously in a workshop with Sebastian Deterding. The task is to take Parcheesi and modify it to address a social issue of your own choosing. Any issue goes, really, and any kind of modifications are fine as well. Parcheesi is a great game for this because it is both well known enough that you don’t have to explain it and because it is bad enough that most changes improve the game.

We had a great group of participants that joined us for the workshop with all levels of game making experience present. That balanced out nicely and the groups quickly made prototypes that they then playtested with each other.

You can see the results of each group in the above video. It is interesting how current issues managed to work their way into the game designs and above all I think you can see the fun everybody had in making their games.

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