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Week 223

I spent a fair part of last week video editing the results of the workshop we did at the Mozilla Festival in London a couple of weeks ago. Editing demoes into something concise without losing the essence is a very time consuming but fun process. We’ll share the video as soon as we get a go-ahead from the organizers.

Talking about video: Kars went to De Gids offices in Amsterdam last week to shoot a short documentary of the Victory Boogie Woogie game we made for them. Bram Ruiter and Kim Idsinga were crew and they interviewed Dirk Vis (a writer in the game) and Gera Pronk (a player in the game) about their experiences.

Bram shooting Dirk for the mini documentary on Victory Boogie Woogie

Kars prepared the Cuppings coffee tasting game for publication which we’ll send out into the world as soon as we have a breath to spare.

Playing the Cuppings coffee tasting game at The Village

In between I worked on Beestenbende as did Kars based on feedback from the University Museum. That is really nearing completion and we’ll be happy to wrap that project tidily and send it off in time for Christmas. I also spent altogether too much time on administration.

We also prepared KAZUNOKO and CHUTORO, our two final engagements for this year. KAZUNOKO is an exploration for a game to be made about the national Dutch health care foresight report. CHUTORO is a project we’re doing in collaboration with the GEElab in Karlsruhe.

With the end of the year approaching and a lot of stuff that needs finishing Kars worked on Beestenbende into the weekend (while also attending Le Guess Who?). We don’t prefer doing this but we do it when we have to. I caught up with a couple of friends who are striking out on their own in the Berlin design scene and those conversations prompted me to revisit The Heist Model. This is a way of collaboration that we set out on a couple of years ago but contact with reality has inevitably changed the original principles. I will write some stuff about how we work right now and how that may be a way forward for other creatives who don’t feel they have a lot of options.

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