Hubbub has gone into hibernation.

Week 224

Monday Kars prepped a KAZUNOKO session with some games to play both to serve as an icebreaker and to show the breadth of experience possible in games. For this the classic This Is My Nose and the card game Scopa proved to be a great fit. If you have never played This Is My Nose yet, grab somebody and try it out right now with these rules.

The new Hangouts look much better but still are a pain to setup

I spent the day in administration and working on Beestenbende (which will be a common theme for the rest of the week). That evening I attended Talk and Play a nice game centric event organized in Berlin by Lorenzo Pilia and played a lot of games (Omicron, SwapQuest and many others) that are in development or just out.


Tuesday Kars went to the client together with Niels and got back with a huge packet of information about the future of Dutch healthcare. The rest of that day he was in errands and I was in contracts.

Wednesday we kicked off CHUTORO with a client call and started preparing Beestenbende for delivery. I got my Håg chair delivered which is turning into a Hubbub standard issue. On Thursday we shipped Beestenbende which always takes more time than expected.

Upgraded the desk a bit further

On Friday we were deep into contracts and agreements again and Kars received a group of students from the Hogeschool Utrecht and told them about play. I published the video edit that we made of our session at the Mozilla Festival.

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