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Week 226

These will be the final weeknotes for 2013. We’re putting the studio in stationary until January 6. The last proper workweek was a mean one though, let me tell you…

On Monday, I was frantically sketching out scenarios for CHUTORO while Alper wrote up each concept. He did the same for KAZUNOKO. Alper has a particular knack for coming up with catchy concept titles. That day I also had a meeting with Irene and Clemens to discuss the future of Pig Chase.

Tuesday, we met with Niels to review his and our work on KAZUNOKO so far and to talk about how we were going to do the concept review meeting that Thursday.

Afterwards Alper and I both hopped on a train to Karlsruhe from Berlin and Utrecht respectively. During the ride I worked on finishing the CHUTORO deck. I also started doing quick sketches for KAZUNOKO using a Japanese brush pen on index cards, a bit of a challenge given the unexpected bumpiness of the ICE’s ride. Alper did some more writing for KAZUNOKO in the meantime.

Ironically, Karlsruhe is a bit closer to Utrecht than Berlin so while Alper was still on his way I checked into the hotel and immediately took a taxi to neighbouring Durlach. There I caught up with the GEElab team at a medeaval Christmas market. We had glühwein and flammkuchen.

On Wednesday we spent the whole day at GEElab, who have their offices in a converted slaughterhouse filled with shipping containers. In a few of these containers we presented the results of our first CHUTORO concept sprint and critiqued the work of other studios who are also participating in the project. These things are always challenging, but rewarding. I look forward to our second sprint, which we’ll start in the new year.


The next day I took an early train back to Utrecht. During the ride I finished the final drawings for KAZUNOKO and built a deck of slides. Upon arrival I more or less immediately traveled to Bilthoven where I met Niels and presented our work. The ideas elicited a good amount of response from the people at RIVM. Next, we’ll process their feedback, elaborate on a few promising ideas and document it all for future reference.

As I’m sure you can imagine, by the time Friday rolled around we were rather pooped and so took it easy. I was interviewed for a report on Victory Boogie Woogie. We surveyed all the work on deck and discussed its status in a video call. Then, we wished each other happy holidays, and called it a day, a week and a year.

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