Hubbub has gone into hibernation.

Week 228

So we’re back from break and managed to get some projects wrapped up just around the turn of the year which is a great way to start with a clean slate. I’m writing this from the Netherlands where I’m keeping touch with the motherland though I can’t wait to be back in Berlin.

We wrote up and sent out the final document for KAZUNOKO which is meant to be used for the following steps of the project. A design project like this is a lot of fun for the breadth of ideas you explore and the potential of the various concepts. The final document contains all of them so as not to prematurely close off any potential avenues of exploration.

We have shipped a final update for Beestenbende with a fix for a tenacious last bug in it so the iPad ready version of the game should make its way into the museum pretty soon now.

And we wrote up our intermediary concepts for the CHUTORO project which we’re about to dive into again right about now.

Kars made an end of year list and collected all of our Recess! posts from earlier this year. Writing something like this regularly bored me quickly but looking at the collection I’m pretty proud of what we managed to churn out.

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