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Week 231

Last week both Alper and I were almost fully occupied with wrapping up CHUTORO. On Monday, I built a deck of slides providing a rationale for the design while Alper put the finishing touches on the prototype. On Tuesday, we both traveled to Karlsruhe. I read a lot of Metaphors We Live By. I believe Alper played a lot of Hearthstone or Dota 2 or both. On Wednesday, we demoed the prototype and presented the rationale. Despite a small glitch things went quite well. Since this is a project about exercise, I was pleased we managed to get everyone out of their chairs and into the fresh air for a stroll through a park nearby. We also critiqued the work of other participating studios. As with last time around, I felt a bit like being a student in art school again. When done well, I really like crits. The day after it was back to Utrecht for me and back to Berlin for Alper. The rest of the week was taken up by documenting the design further, and some admin, ops and delivery stuff on the side. It’s a luxury to be able to focus exclusively on one project. This was a good week.

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