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Announcing Deterding, Dormans and Keller as first Hubbub associates

Today I am very pleased to announce we have been joined by three brilliant gentlemen: Sebastian Deterding, Joris Dormans and Ianus Keller have joined Hubbub as associates. They are immediately available for consulting and will also help us guide the company in the future.

Each of these associates is an expert in their field and has a formidable track record as a designer, researcher and educator. They deepen as well as broaden what we can bring to the table in projects related to game design, interaction design, product design and beyond.

Below are brief bios listing some of our associates’ achievements. We’ve also suggested areas you might want to work on with them. Of course, we will also suggest an associate if we think a project will benefit from their participation. For good measure, we’ve thrown in selfies taken at the workplace.

Alper and I have collaborated with each of these three in some way in the past years and we are humbled and proud they have chosen to work with Hubbub. If you’d like to know more, get in touch.

Sebastian Deterding

Sebastian Deterding is a leading researcher and designer in the field of gameful and playful design. He is co-editor (with Steffen P. Walz) of “The Gameful World: Approaches, Issues, Applications”, poised to become the de-facto handbook on gameful and playful design, appearing 2014 with MIT Press. Having completed his PhD, Sebastian is now visiting assistant professor at the RIT Laboratory for Media, Arts, Games, Interaction and Creativity (MAGIC). He has worked for more than nine years as a game and experience designer, and is an internationally sought-after speaker. He published his first RPG adventure in a now-defunct magazine at age 17 and saw it promptly plagiarised.

Topics to work on with Sebastian include: gameful and playful design, serious games and gamification.

Joris Dormans

Joris Dormans is one of the first to complete a PhD on a topic that explicitly connects game design to computer science. He is the inventor of the “Machinations” framework and co-author (with Ernest Adams) of the book “Game Mechanics“. Joris is a highly rated speaker at the Game Developer Conferences in both San Francisco and Cologne and an internationally respected researcher on procedural content generation. Joris has an entry as game designer on and is always tinkering with multiple boardgame prototypes of his own.

Topics to work on with Joris include: modelling game mechanics, automated game design, procedural content generation.

Ianus Keller

Ianus Keller is a staunch proponent of interaction design and one of the first to see it as the field where products, interfaces and other concerns converge. He completed his PhD cum laude at TU Delft ID-StudioLab on the design of Cabinet, an inspirational tool for designers. Since 2008 Ianus has co-organised 29 This Happened events in Utrecht, Amsterdam and Rotterdam, documenting the making-of of over a hundred interaction design projects. Ianus is a voracious early adopter of gadgets and online services; in 2005 he was the first Dutchman to post a tweet, which read “I am at home”.

Topics to work on with Ianus include: tools for creativity, hybrid digital/physical products.

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    Nice to see the ranks muster. I remember stumbling onto one of sebastian’s talks on slideshare ‘9,5 these on gamification’. Even without the talk, it succeeded in clarifying some of my thoughts on the the subject.