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Week 239

This week, like most recent ones before it, was mostly about AJI. We wrapped up a sprint focused on getting the website in shape, reviewed it and planned a new one. The next sprint is all about “fixing broken windows”. We also decided to start thinking about the story we would tell around the service. Finally, we reviewed Simon’s designs for the next major update of the app and website. The feedback boiled down to “less Adolf Hitler, more Dalai Lama”. AJI is about resistance, but the peaceful kind. Its “look” should reflect that. I expect we’ll need another sprint or two to get to a point where we are ready to invite friends to give AJI a spin and tell us what they think.

Besides this, the article about gamification by Kelli van der Waals was published in Dutch weekly Vrij Nederland. We’re pleased with the result. It’s a comprehensive review of the phenomenon and not blind to its problematic aspects. It also features an interesting case study of a gamification project for a steel factory, by Dutch applied games studio RANJ.

VN edition with article on gamification

Alper finished editing the footage we shot during the Playing with Rules workshop at Lift in Geneva. The video gives an impression of the games made by the participants. They were asked to adapt Parcheesi so that it would say something about a social issue of their choosing. As always, it’s interesting to see what issues are picked by participants, and the design choices they make along the way.

Conversations. Taking time for these is important and social media banter is no substitute. On Tuesday I was visited by Sam in the studio. We caught up over coffee and he subsequently spent the day using our spare desk. Our conversations helped me reflect on some of our recent work and the direction we might take next. And on Friday I had a nice chat with Tom over Skype. His work continues to be an inspiration to the studio so I always enjoy getting a sneak peek of what he’s up to next. It’s also super helpful to share what we’ve done and get his feedback on things.

Meanwhile, planning on future work continues. This includes a collaboration with a friend in NYC for which we had another call to pin down the direction of the project, with the intention of applying for a grant in the US. We were also approached to be part of an ambitious project related to climate change. It would be a great chance to use games to communicate about a many-sided issue, which I think they are great at. And finally, we’re working out the details of our contribution to the CIID summer school, which will be a great chance for us to work with the very talented students and faculty of the institute as well as sample the many great things Copenhagen has to offer.

Over the weekend, I continued to practice my Netrunner skills in a set of friendly matches with my wife (god bless her for indulging me). It turns out I am terrible at bluffing to my spouse. Alper, meanwhile, continued his Tough Mudder training at the local bouldering space.

5k run and then morning workout done (blue is happening!) #toughmudder

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