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Week 242

We have been pursuing a project now officially called KEGANI with a friend in New York for the past couple of weeks. We hope to share a bit more about that but without giving too much away: we have set ourselves a brief to use our type of game design to tackle a specific social issue.

I spent most of the week working on AJI and we did a review of what we believe to be the final sprint for the app. We can then finally submit it to the app store and reveal something that you can actually play with.

We have two workshops over at CIID’s Summer School program about play and creativity which we think are going to be both very valuable and fun for those interested in these themes. One uses ‘Free to Play’ as a way to think about systems and get into game design. The other is an exploration to see what kind of new and unintended uses we can get out of “slideware” to further creativity and learn about design.


Then at the end of the week Kars was off to Copenhagen to teach at Miguel Sicart’s playful design course. Kars also dropped by CIID to talk about our workshops there and he caught a screening of work from the experimental imaging course given there by Matt Cottam and Timo Arnall. From what I gather he then had a great time spending his birthday weekend there as well. We are both rather fond of Copenhagen and welcome any opportunity to visit.

Urban Spree

Meanwhile in Berlin the A MAZE independent games festival happened as a part of Games Week Berlin. Thorsten and Lorenzo can be proud of their biggest edition yet. It seems to have turned into the go-to event for independent games makers in Europe. Lots of friends from the Netherlands and beyond were over and I managed to attend a couple of talks on Thursday morning.

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