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Week 243

Looking at my log for last week it’s clear a lot has been going on; work continued on Standing (codename AJI) and we (mainly Alper) did some support work on Beestenbende.

In the meantime we are starting up new projects; one is codenamed KEGANI, a collaboration between us and Subalekha who resides in NYC. We will be seeking funding for KEGANI, which is shaping up to be a (series of) games exploring contemporary global warfare. It’s grim but important subject matter. We’ve progressed from exchanging ideas to doing paper prototypes in parallel and discussing them over Google Hangout. I’ve struggled to find the right approach, but it appears sticking to earnestness and playfulness is helpful.

Finally, on the new projects front, we’re talking with people in professional sports which is an intersection of games and culture that has long fascinated us.

In between we squeezed various visits and conversations. I was interviewed by Mare, the Leiden University weekly paper, for a lecture I’ll be giving there in two weeks. We discussed plans for a Standing-related event at Mediamatic later this year with Dirk Vis.

I participated in an event organised by REZONE in which they looked back on their playful interventions project and started up discussions around possible new projects, including “solving” the vacancy problem plaguing real-estate, for which Heijmans has suggested a rather intriguing approach inspired by land consolidation.

Rezone at WII-fabriek Den Bosch

Alper had a very Apple week with both a visit the local genius bar and to the local CocoaHeads. Meanwhile, I ended the week with a visit to Joris Weijdom at MAPLAB, a lab set up by the Utrecht School of the Arts to enable research into, well, Media and Performance. They have a pretty sweet setup for doing all kinds of experiments in which image, sound and space converge.

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