Hubbub has gone into hibernation.

Week 244

Last week was cut a bit short because of the Easter break. Recharging our batteries a bit was a good thing for the amount of stuff we wanted to push out.

KEGANI continued with us putting the last touches on the game prototypes and discussing how to further flesh out the proposal to be able to develop the game further. We are having a lot of fun collaborating on this project together even though this is a pretty busy period for all of us.

Standing moved forward with us submitting the app to the app store finally. We just need to work a bit more on the website and we should be ready for a small public beta.

Kars was out and about a lot this week. First going to Heijmans to discuss our ideas around a game for Rezone. On Thursday he presented for a full house at Behaviour Design AMS on “Five Behaviour Design Principles You Never Suspected Would Work”. Links to the things he talked about are up on his tumblr. I coincidentally visited the Berlin UX Cocktail Hours earlier during the week. The differentiation user experience design is undergoing right now intrigues both me and Kars.

I was interviewed by German radio station Detektor FM who read about us in Vrij Nederland and wanted to get our perspective on gamification on the work floor. This seems to be a current topic in Germany again because of a study being undertaken by the TU Munich. Giving this interview was fun and I think necessary for the German discourse which seems to be focussed a bit too much on strict utility.

One Hubbub side project that we do with long time collaborator Simon Scheiber which had been on the back burner saw a release last week as well. The new version of Cuppings was approved by Apple this weekend and is available for purchase on the app store.

I fixed up our visual memetic archive on Tumblr again so LOUD NOISE ENTRANCE HALL is available again for your viewing pleasure and ours.

Kars closed of the week with some play related recreation by getting slaughtered at Netrunner by Tim Bosje and going to an escape room in Bunschoten with a large group of game designers. On this side I participated in Critical Mass Berlin and that ended the week.

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