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Week 246

A large part of our time these weeks is spent writing proposals. A lot of things are heading our way so that’s good and it’s a welcome change from making things, which we’ve been doing for the past months. One fairly crystallised concept, codenamed SHIJIMI, is moving forward steadily and another, about Tokyo is in a preliminary stage. They are quite different but what they have in common is that they both deal with urbanism. Coincidentally Kars was also revising his chapter for the Gameful World which is about urban play and should be out later this year.

Standing saw dramatic developments back and forth with Apple and made its way to the app store in time for a public launch in two weeks at an event over at Mediamatic in Amsterdam. You can read an excerpt from Dirk Vis’s essay on it over at De Gids.

Car made from household consumables

Kars went off teaching at Delft University of Technology with students of Ianus who are designing boardgames for id8. The next day he went to lecture in Leiden on play at the local Studium Generale. From what I gather fun was had and minds were blown.

About to deliver studium generale lecture at Leiden University

I had lunch with Mike Lazer-Walker who was in town, a very interesting game maker from New York. I wrote a retort (full text) on a fairly uneven piece on gamification in German Süddeutsche. I was pleased that that got a reply from the author who is also the editor in chief.


I asked around in the Berlin game scene whether there would be a launch party for Sportsfriends in Berlin and one spontaneously happened. We took over an event in Berlin’s esports cafe Meltdown and found out that playing Joust without sound is hard. Thanks to Sjors and Lorenzo for putting that together.

And then on the weekend I got to play Betrayal at the House on the Hill by Rob Daviau, a game I had wanted to play ever since I saw him talk at PRACTICE.

Betrayal at the House on the Hill

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