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Week 247

We focused on two projects this week: SHIJIMI and Standing (formerly known as AJI).

For SHIJIMI, we wrote a proposal and had a meeting with Heijmans and Rezone to discuss it and other documents drafted earlier by them. Each is a position paper of sorts, and next we need to merge them all into one thing suitable for submission for funding. It’s slow going, but I find devoting suitable amounts of time to the preliminary phase of a project always pays off in the end.

Standing’s first proper release version nears completion. We continued to adjust the app’s accompanying website and I drafted an announcement blog post. I also headed to Rotterdam to spend a day walking through the city with Simon, shooting photos that would make suitable press materials.

Being photographed by Simon

Meanwhile, De Gids published a sneak preview of the essay by Dirk which will be presented during the event which doubles as Standing launch party at Mediamatic, on Ascension Day. We’d love to have you over for this, but you can also participate from any other place on the globe. So mark your calendar.

Other than this, the usual meetings with potential clients and peers continued both in Utrecht and Berlin, as well as boring stuff such as taking care of finances. Alper dropped by UIkonf on several occasions and I whipped up a quick writeup of the Cuppings tasting game for our portfolio.

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