Hubbub has gone into hibernation.

Week 249

This week’s focus was squarely on our celebration of Standing’s launch at Mediamatic. While Alper and Simon put the final touches on a live display showing all active standing sessions around the world, I got the word out about the event on social media, coordinated with the event producer and got a streaming setup put together. I also did a quick ignite on the night before the event.

Setting up for Standing event at Mediamatic

We had a nice turnout and really enjoyed ourselves. The course on standing—heavily influenced by qigong—was a good warmup. Dirk’s essay likening smartphones and apps to lamps and jinn served as a nice framing of our work. We then got standing to a live set by Salvador Breed. (A recording of this is available over at Twitch.) The combination of ambient noise, standing super still for something you care about, and seeing people across the world join in on the live display was rather magical.

Standing session by Hubbub at Mediamatic with music by DJ Salvador. Picture credits: Simon Scheiber.

Aside from our work on Standing, we sent out two updated offers and had an assortment of meetings. Most notably, I went over to RIVM to critique the current state of VTV game (which we did strategic design for late last year).

On Friday, I cleaned out the various inboxes in the morning and subsequently went over to The Village to decompress together with Alper, who had come over for the event.

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