Hubbub has gone into hibernation.

Week 252

Last week we were again in lots of talks with people for potential future projects. We are getting a lot of attention on many fronts so we are rather pleased about that.

On Tuesday Nina Polak of Dutch online journalism platform De Correspondent published an interview with us that we are very pleased with. It is unfortunate that it is in Dutch because it is a very nice portrayal of the kind of things we do and want to do. We got a bunch of responses and inquiries based on that interview through many channels which was a nice side effect.

The rest of the week we were busy working on the next release of Standing which is looking rather stunning. The app is getting a whole new visual style designed by Simon Scheiber and we can’t wait to have it in an app store near you.

Kars started work on his talk on Ripple Effect for the 20th This Happened Utrecht which is happening tonight. Attend that if you can, I hear they suddenly got more space.

Playing at being a frog

The week ended with me attending the birthday of Wigwam and the house warming of EyeEm here in Berlin and with Kars going to Den Bosch to meet friends and play games at the Playful Arts Festival.

Games for People by Pat Ashe and George Buckenham

Logistically I will be in Barcelona later this week and Kars will be in Berlin later this month.

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