Hubbub has gone into hibernation.

Week 253

We kicked off the week with a review of the latest sprint on Standing. The app now has a completely new look. Aside from a few final tweaks we deemed it ready to ship. For the next sprint we decided to focus on getting the web site aligned with the new look.

That same day I prepared and delivered a This happened talk on Ripple Effect. It was fun to dig through the archives and collect artefacts from the game’s production. Many of the project’s team were present and afterwards we agreed it had been one hell of a ride.

On Tuesday I headed to FreedomLab in Amsterdam for a closed workshop with Eric Gordon on what he calls “engagement games”. The Mobile City had collected a diverse group of thinkers and makers and it was a pleasure to spend the better part of a day reflecting on issues that have been part of our work ever since Hubbub started.

Alper left for Barcelona on Wednesday, from where he would spend the remainder of the week doing maintenance work and sampling the city’s many delights.

On Thursday, I visited TU Delft on invitation of Ianus to attend the final presentations of a group of BA industrial design students who had created physical games and toys for Id-8. Many designs featured innovative use of mechanisms or materials while remaining simple and affordable to produce.

The week ended for me with another playtest of KEGANI, this time at the Dutch Game Garden, with a couple of seasoned game professionals. Alper had done a test earlier in the week with his newly minted “game designers anonymous” meetup group. This second iteration was an improvement over the first and the idea is still received with great enthusiasm. Nonetheless, based on the test outcomes I would say we have our work cut out for us; many different directions appear equally promising from here on out.

A final note on logistics: Kars will be in Berlin working from our Kreuzberg studio together with Alper.

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