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Announcing Camparc – a public space game for STRP

Over the course of the next two months we will be creating a new public space game commissioned by art and technology festival STRP. The game carries the working title Camparc and Hubbub codename FUNKOROGASHI. It will be playable September 12-14 at Strijp-S—a Philips industrial site converted into city neighbourhood. Read on below for a sneak preview of what we have planned. STRP have also posted an announcement in Dutch.

Strijp-S overview

Camparc consists of large-scale, connected objects with built-in cameras. Players can freely move these “camera toys” around Strijp-S, using its streets, squares and furniture as a playing field, obstacle course or race track. Meanwhile, the toys will capture the players and the space and show the footage back to them on screens placed in the same space. Besides free play, we will also suggest games to play using the toys, described in simple written rulesets placed at strategic spots in the game’s area.

The project is inspired by Katamari, goal line technology, new games earth balls, camera surveillance, selfie poles, panoramic camera balls, skateboarding and Parkour. We hope it will produce an eye-catching, fun and inclusive experience which invites players to reflect on new ways of tech-aided looking and mapping.

Camparc moodboard

We have invited Aldo Hoeben to join us for this project. Aldo is a veritable wizard when it comes to installations involving photography and video. Keep an eye on our weeknotes to follow the game’s development in the coming weeks and mark your calendars—we’d love to have you over to play.

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