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Week 256

Last week I traveled to Utrecht to do some maintenance work on an old project. I took the opportunity to work at our Utrecht office and check out the Vechtclub XL’s new cafe De Klub. I am severely impressed how the venue is shaping up to become Utrecht’s number one destination. Another old project that saw some work—summer time being maintenance time—was Beestenbende for which we shipped a new release.

The big event for the week was closing FUNKOROGASHI and kicking off development for it in rapid succession. This is going to be an installation game for STRP festival which we’ll be posting more on this week.

Playtesting KEGANI at Dutch Game Garden

Kars and I playtested KEGANI which is shaping up nicely. It’s a fast paced card game with a serious payload. Kars then also tested it at the Subcultures game night at the Dutch Game Garden. We talked a bit more about studio strategy and how that is influenced by the realign of a couple of weeks ago. That discussion helped us to further polish our tagline to “design studio for playful products” which we think is concise and covers everything.


I traveled back to Berlin on Thursday evening and did some remaindered sales work on Friday before heading to our local esports cafe Meltdown to watch the opening games of The International. I’m a big fan of Cloud9 who unfortunately have been knocked out of the tournament as I’m writing this.

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