Hubbub has gone into hibernation.

Week 258

The studio is on a bit of a summer schedule with one principal gone on holiday and me finishing things before I go on mine. Most of my time has been spent doing maintenance on existing projects, moving forward new ones and lots of social calls for lunch/dinner/coffee.

Two current projects did see significant progress:

Aldo built a hardware prototype for FUNKOROGASHI that validates our assumptions about what is possible. The video of the prototype in action looked like a proper technical breakthrough. When we have this at scale this is going to be quite something.

We pushed out an update release for the Cuppings guide which is in the App Store already. There’s some features in there for people without location services and a lot of new cafes that our team has vetted.

I ended the week proofing Kars’s chapter for The Gameful World book by the MIT Press. I was happy to find that we had proofed it well already but the final version is beautiful and well worth the wait.

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