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Week 262

This week I was joined in Utrecht by Alper who had just returned from his holiday in the Austrian Alps.

Most of our time was spent on Camparc again. Aldo started work on the four balls we’ll need for the main event. Alper assisted him with software development to get the video streams from the balls into Quartz Composer. I worked with Ties of Pony Design Club on a method for drawing anamorphic ‘puzzles’, as well as the game’s visual identity.

Anamorphic drawing of a square

We also posted a teaser for the game, and sent out an invitation to our newsletter. If you’re able to join us in Eindhoven on September 14, we’d love to have you over.

I spent some time working out a workshop format for the Vechtclub XL opening weekend, which is another thing to mark in your agenda, and Alper wrote a draft proposal for a museum game we look forward to producing.

Finally, there were copious social occasions on which to catch up with friends old and new, including a visit to the tail end of an urban games jam which was part of a game studies summer school, drinks at a Utrecht meetup for indie game developers, a chat with friends at FreedomLab and a visit to Cucalu.

Over the weekend, Alper wrote a very helpful post listing 15 economic myths debunked by Thomas Piketty’s Capital.

All in all, a good week.

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