Hubbub has gone into hibernation.

Week 264

The delayed arrival of these notes should tell you something about what kind of week last week was: busy.

For me, it was all about delivering and running Camparc. We’ll write more about it soon and are also sifting through our copious photos and videos. For now, suffice to say we had a more or less smooth build-up to the event, except for a few small challenges which were swiftly dealt with. On Friday, I really enjoyed doing a small talk about our approach to playful design and the making of Camparc, followed by a demo of one of the balls. On Sunday we ran the game for a full afternoon. Thanks to a solid crew of Hubbub agents, great weather, a nice crowd and only a few small technical hiccups we had a great run. The indisputable highlight for me was playing a passing game in the spirit of new games, which was a joyful experience of coliberation.


Besides Camparc, I squeezed in a bit of prep work on our upcoming series of workshops about game-based learning with KLM. I also finished and published the portfolio write-up of the Cuppings guide app.

Meanwhile in Berlin, Alper was keeping an eye on our sales pipeline, planning and having meetings left and right. He also rewrote the rules for KEGANI in preparation for the limited release we’re planning to do of the game at Playful. And he did work on the next release of Standing, which is almost done and will sport a lovely new look courtesy of Simon. Over the weekend, he played around with live streaming and casting local multiplayer games together with Lorenzo.

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