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Week 265

Kars spent last week in between two major events having just finished Camparc he prepared some playful workshops to run at the opening of Vechtclub XL, our Utrecht base of operations. One of these was an iteration on our Playing with Rules workshop but made accessible for a larger audience. Think Parcheesi meets Nomic.

Playing with Rules workshop at Vechtclub XL opening weekend

We caught up with a lot of the people we had been talking or working with including Monnik, Rezone, Game Oven, Third Wave, Bruns Niks and Bits of Freedom.

Literature Festival meets Games

I made a showing at Creative Mornings Berlin and an event at the Berlin Literature Festival about games. Most enjoyable though was organizing and hosting our irregular get together with Berlin Game Designers aptly titled “Game Designers Anonymous”.

Standing is in its final tweaks moving towards completion.

My foray into esports and live streaming is also creating tangible results. Monday after some extensive recoding sessions I posted a commentary video of myself playing DOTA2. It was enjoyable to make and I hope to watch as well. Expect more stuff to come out of this.

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