Hubbub has gone into hibernation.

Week 267

Let’s hope late weeknotes does not become a trend but we’re rather busy these few weeks both with client work and preparing the future. I flew back to Berlin last week but now I’m sat in Utrecht again writing this.

Last Monday we had our KUMA workshop with KLM which was excellent. We look forward to working further with this client to map out the problem and solution spaces.

Kars rounded up Camparc for which we just published a video here:

Bycatch (website forthcoming) is moving along nicely. We now have a card game that does what we want it to do and also is fun to (re)play. The next step is to prepare a fully functional demo that we can present and take into production. We’ll be showing a preview of the final product at Playful.

To announce: we will be in London around October 17th with a significant complement of Hubbub people headquartered in Dalston. Kars, myself and Sebastian will be present at Playful to see Subalekha present. All of us look forward to meeting you.

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