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Week 269

We’re making good progress on Bycatch for which we got a welcome refocusing after a sit-down with Joris. Joris himself was at SPIEL demoing Super Duo a card game of his own so he’s definitely an expert when it comes to this kind of thing. We’ll also have a website online this week through which you can preorder your copy.

We did a sprint review for Standing to see what we need to do to get the version out the door. We have a bit more testing to do thanks to Apple releasing a bunch of new iPhones but stil we should be in good shape this month.

We had a week of studio work for KLM for which we worked through the stuff we produced during the last workshop and brought in Sebastian for a design crit. We have developed some concepts but discussing these we inevitably are led into strategic considerations which will be the focus of our final session tomorrow.

I did an afternoon of workshopping with Affective Signals in Berlin to see how their product in the field of computer aided psychiatry can be improved by applying the right game mechanics. The rest of the week I spent doing behind the scenes work, calling people to make sure we are still aligned and sending out proposals. One of those calls was a review of the current projects for Open Cultuur Data part of the Open State Foundation of which I’m still a board member. I am also still looking for a new location for our Berlin office which is proving to be a challenge.

Kars went over to Philips to discuss a new game for them and had a meeting with STRP about the future of Camparc.

We are gearing up to head to Playful at the end of this week. A bit later I’ll be doing a workshop on Playful Product Design at Thingscon Amsterdam together with Ianus and in November while Kars is on holiday, I will be attending PRACTICE in New York.

Work continued during the weekend with Kars attending the ASEM Playful Cities workshop among many other things.

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