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Week 270

My week started with the second day of the Asia-Europe Culture Ministers Meeting (ASEM)’s workshop on playful cities. It was a huge pleasure spending two days with talented peers from Europe, many of whom’s work I admire greatly. It was equally great to meet Asian practitioners and hear about the big differences in their local contexts. By the end of the day we had gone very, very deep into the challenges of leveraging a play doctrine to formulate a counterargument to the prevailing smart cities rhetoric. One comment I posted about this got a very productive discussion between some big thinkers in the field over at Facebook.

ASEM Playful Cities workshop LEGO creations

In the meantime Alper traveled by train to the Netherlands and got a decent amount of work in, processing the outcomes from his work with Affective Systems and resubmitting All-Seeing Eye proposal.

The whole of Tuesday was taken up by our third and for the moment final workshop with KLM. Now all that is left for us to do is document all the outcomes and deliver them, after which we’ll start exploring next steps.

On Wednesday, a fun interview with us about our way of working together remotely was published in Dutch on Achter het Scherm.

I spent most of that day and the next finishing up the website for Bycatch and then traveled to London on Thursday, as did Alper.

That Friday, we attended Playful, where Subalekha talked about our work on Bycatch so far, and we flipped the switch on preorders. If you want to be one of the first to own a copy of this card game about drone surveillance and remote warfare, go on and click that “add to cart”-button.

Playful was a pleasure as always, with standout sessions (as far as I’m concerned) from Aardman‘s Dan Efergan and George Rowe on easter eggs in videogames, Boneloaf‘s James Brown on the making of Gang Beasts and Ida Marie Toft’s lovely and weird hybrid performance-game Lovebirds.

Team Bycatch united at last

The day after Playful, while watching the first orders trickle in via our SlackStripe integration, we made good use of the opportunity of being all three physically co-present and furiously tweaked and tuned Bycatch’s rules.

I traveled back that same evening. Alper stuck around for a Cuppings coffee tasting expedition in Fitzrovia and headed back on Sunday.

While recovering from a pretty intense week, our friends at ThingsCon Amsterdam announced the workshop Alper and Ianus will run on playful product design.

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