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Week 271

These weeknotes are late because of some irregularities in the studio. Kars is currently enjoying a holiday in Seoul while I have been sick for most of the week. Last week was eventful so there are the weeknotes anyway.

Last Monday we finally got around to doing our Q3 OKR review with optimistic results. In the evening we caught up with Jussi Holopainen of GEElab who was in Utrecht for the Games for Health event.

During this entire week we kept on testing and tuning Bycatch. After having opened preorders last week at Playful we need to get it into shape to ship quickly. Thankfully we did crack some of the bigger game design nuts and we now have a game on our hands that is fun and does what it needs to do.

We are inching towards releasing the new version of Standing. Those new iPhone models were a bit of a setback but progress is steady. The team would love to have this out there so we can take a breather.

We consulted with Sebastian on KLM and did a bunch of work to finish that engagement for final delivery. It has been a pleasure working with them and finding a solution fitting for their problem space. We may be writing some more stuff about what we produced later.

I met up with Berlin based Affective Systems to tie up that engagement as well. This one was different in almost all respects but because it is an early stage startup we think that this is the ideal moment to start thinking about how play can add value to the product.

We brainstormed with Ianus for our upcoming workshop at Thingscon Amsterdam. What we thought would be the most fun and the most interesting was to mashup the works of Keith Johnstone and Bill Buxton and see whether we can improvise a bunch of playful devices that talk to each other.

Kars ran a workshop at the uRule symposium about smashing the border between online and offline and met with Rosie Poebright of Splash and Ripple (pictured below).

Splash and Ripple's Rosie Poebright talking about the wonderful Ghosts in the Garden

On Friday we had a call to discuss further details of Bycatch with Subalekha. Kars met up with Jamin Warren to talk through the Kill Screen panel on video games and affect at Impakt Festival.

Setting up for Kill Screen panel on games and affect at IMPAKT festival

On the weekend Kars appeared on that panel. I attended the first Berlin Producthunt meetup and I worked a bit on remaindered projects: a new release of Cuppings should be out soon.

Producthunt Meetup

And in random facts we were pleasantly surprised to hear King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands mention the Pig Chase project in a speech.

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