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Week 272

Last week was a fairly quiet week over at the studio. Kars did the delivery for our engagement over at KLM and then got ready to go on holiday to Seoul where he is right now.

Bycatch was featured over at Killscreen with a very nice article.

I was sick for most of the week but I did make it over to Amsterdam to hold a workshop at ThingsCon there on Friday together with Ianus. We did a session called “Playful Devices Improv” and everybody had a lot of fun thinking of new approaches to connected products. We asked participants to take kitchen devices and come up with a character for them. With these characters they would then have to devise stories and finally these stories were acted out over the kitchen counter.



The groups did really well, each one had several interesting finds and as a whole the workshop really showed that adding friction to situations can be more productive than starting from a functional perspective. And even though we ran the workshop fairly freeform, the ideation that came out of it was as good or maybe even better than what you would get in a more formal setting.


On Saturday I visited the Interface Critique event at the University of the Arts in Berlin which was an interesting contrast from the applied thinking at ThingsCon the day before.

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