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Week 273

Last week Kars and I crossed continents. He came back from holiday in Seoul (check out his visual food report) on the day I flew out to New York to attend PRACTICE.

I spent the week doing some administration, reviewing current projects among which Standing and packing. I’m also organizing the fourth edition of Game Designers Anonymous at our studio in Berlin.

After working on Bycatch in London with the three of us, it was convenient for me to be in New York and be able to work on it with Subalekha. We had a marathon hangout session with Kars from the Impact HUB to go over the copy for the rules before Natalye Childress does the final edit.

PRACTICE was just as great as last year with lots of amazing people present and a slew of insightful talks. The talk about Netrunner by Lukas Litzsinger especially hit home both because the game is a studio favorite and because we are in the process of designing a card game ourselves and seeing his process was rather humbling.


I met too many game design practitioners at PRACTICE to count. During the week I hung out mostly with old Amsterdam friend Peter Robinett of Bubble Foundry and Paper + Equator (Subalekha’s design firm).

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