Hubbub has gone into hibernation.

Week 274

At the start of this week Alper was still in NYC after enjoying another excellent edition of PRACTICE. He did some work on Bycatch with Subalekha and otherwise enjoyed the city before heading back to Europe on Tuesday.

While he was making the crossing, I participated in the first Tegenlicht meetup in Utrecht. We watched the episode on the maker movement and subsequently had a nice little debate with the episode’s director. I also briefly presented on how “making” figures in Hubbub’s practice and why we appreciate working from “maker space” Vechtclub XL, using Camparc as my main example.

Most of my time this week was taken up by work on Bycatch. I sketched out the explanatory illustrations that will be part of the rules. Our brilliant editor Natalye got the rules’s text in good shape for publication. Agnes sent us a cross-section of all the artwork. On Thursday I went over to Pony Design Club to do rough layouts of the game’s rules, box and cards with my brother Ties.

Laying out Bycatch rules at Pony Design Club

I also did a little work on Standing together with Simon. We were so close to shipping the visual update when we all of a sudden had to deal with those new iPhones. As a result we’ve been massaging the app’s autoresizing settings in Xcode to get to compatibility. Nearly there.

We wrapped up the week with two events. I participated in an event organised by Rezone on games for urban development. Alper, meanwhile, moderated a panel on smart cities at #lab4city. By all accounts he did a great job.

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