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Week 278-280

HNY! Well, we have three weeks worth of notes to catch up on. Week 278 got stuck in the mail because I was a bit too eager to dive into my Christmas holiday. Week 279 and 280 were uneventful, as is to be expected this time of year. Let’s get into it.

I wrapped up and delivered our work for SocialReferral in the form of a low fidelity clickable app prototype. We’ll stay in touch to see of we may be of service at a later stage again.

I also sent out a summary of the concept we developed for our pitch for the Dutch Museum Association. Next up: Sitting down with all the parties involved to rough out a production plan.

I attended an excellent edition of Big Brother Awards, produced by Dutch Dutch digital rights organisation Bits of Freedom. Seeing Snowden live on a big screen from Russia was quite the experience, as was the rest of the evening. I blogged some quick impressions on the train ride back home that night.

Snowden at Big Brother Awards

We did some bug hunting and fixing on Standing 2.0. An update will be pushed out soonish.

I started doing some planning on our next project with KLM, which involves producing a series of mockups to visualise the concept we developed for them earlier.

Alper is starting to push harder on marketing Bycatch. I am assisting by sending out the odd email to people in my network. Meanwhile I have been on the hunt for the best packaging material for when we start fulfilling our pre-orders.

Alper has also been driving sales efforts for the consultancy, with an ample range of meetings with interested parties.

Finally, Alper moved out of Oranienstraße 6 along with the rest of KANT. In February they will reopen doors on Moritzplatz, their new space.

Over Christmas and New Year, I took a break and subsequently got my ass kicked by a flu. Meanwhile, Alper caught up on half a decade of PS3 games.

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