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Week 281

To make the most of the first full workweek of the new year Alper arrived from Berlin to work with me at the Utrecht studio on a number of things.

We kicked off our second project with KLM on Wednesday. I went over to “building 600” on Schiphol Noord to share our preliminary ideas for the series of mockups we’ll be producing to illustrate a game concept. We divided some tasks (KLM will be very much involved hands-on in this) and set some milestones.

Later that day I also briefed Tim Hengeveld on the project, who will likely contribute concept art to the project.

On Thursday, Alper and I went over to Rotterdam to meet up with Simon to celebrate wrapping up our work on Standing. We’ve pushed out a few bug fixes on the 2.0 version and consider the project “done” for the foreseeable future.

Which isn’t to say we won’t continue to think and talk about tools for playful activism though. For example, Standing will be part of E-motive Day 2015 and I will be there to share our ideas on playful activism.

We’ll also be part of this year’s CounterPlay festival and in all likelihood will also talk about Standing and activism (along with other areas of interest).

By the end of the week, a big box containing packaging for sending out Bycatch had arrived. We expect the games to be delivered from the printer on January 16 and can’t wait to start sending them out.

On Friday, Alper and I reviewed 2014’s OKRs and started making plans for this year’s objectives. Aldo dropped by to make plans for a second version of Camparc which we hope to be producing for this year’s STRP biennial. And we finished things off in style at the very convivial Vechtclub XL new year’s drinks, but not before sampling the shōchū Alper had brought from Berlin’s Sake Kontor.

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