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Week 282

A large part of this week was taken up by our annual OKR review and subsequent reorientation of OKRs for 2015. An intensive exercise, but seriously worth it. The technique helps us build learning into our tiny organisation, and that’s very valuable. We’ll share some outcomes of this review in a separate blog post soonish.

Looking ahead, we made good progress on a plan for Camparc Mark II, an improved version of our public space toy, which will debut at the STRP biennale. We expect to be ready to start production on this baby within the next few weeks and will again be working with the great Aldo Hoeben on it. Next to general improvements we have a few cool new features lined up, so you might want to mark your calendars for the event and come over to Eindhoven to play along.

On Thursday Alper and I headed to Fabrique in Amsterdam to talk to their team about our take on playful design, and hear about the impressive range of work they did for the National Military Museum. The subsequent discussions over drinks, about engagement, modelling game economies, and prototyping, were very enjoyable.

We also received the first print run of Bycatch this week, and had a lot of fun unpacking the shipment and admiring the quality. This means we’re now ready to start fulfilling the preorders we’ve received so far, as well as send out preview copies to select publications. I’m very excited—and a little apprehensive—about seeing what people will write about our strange little game.

Bycatch unboxed

By chance, our friends at Playful published Subelakha’s talk about the design of Bycatch this week also. So you can go and have a look at that and hear about the origins of the project and some of our design considerations.

Other than this, I continued to work on the mockups for KLM, while Alper ran around and had lots of meetings with potential new clients, friends and peers.

A solid week!

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