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Week 283

The biggest event this week was that we fulfilled the preorders for Bycatch and sent everybody a newsletter with updates. That took up a lot of our time and attention as well as fixing some last minute hiccups and making sure everything was right. At the time I’m writing this I’m seeing the first games arrive at people’s homes on Twitter which is a pretty amazing feeling. We’re now moving towards our official launch.

We played Bycatch in the studio with Eelco for the first time with the actual cards and even for us playing the game is still fun.

A play session with the actual cards of Bycatch. It turns out this is a really fun game!

What also got released is The Gameful World book over at the MIT Press. It’s been a long time in the making but now the definitive book on gamification is out.

We’re working on a consulting engagement for Berenschot. Our work for KLM is proceeding with the content hammered out and Tim Hengeveld starting on the art.

I published our 2014 recap as a by product of our OKR system with a solid overview of the many things we did that year. Michelle Thorne published this amazing treatment of the workshop Ianus and I held at Thingscon Amsterdam last year.

I made a big round of Amsterdam visiting old friends and business prospects before I made my way back to Berlin on Thursday to attend the new year’s party (at the KING offices).

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