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Week 284

A large chunk of my time this week was taken up with contributing to E-Motive Day, a conference organised by an international network of organisations working on social change of various kinds. We were asked to demo Standing, and talk about our perspective on playful design for activism. People said nice things about both and I had interesting conversations about a subject that I hold dear.

There were good talks from others too. I was particularly taken with the work being done by CEW-IT in Uganda to empower citizens, Emer Beamer‘s efforts to reimagine primary education as design education, and Lino Hellings’s photo walk methodology developed at PAPA.

Meanwhile, work on KUMA continued apace. I went over to KLM to review storyboards, and handed over feedback to Tim for a first version of mockups. It’s been a pleasure to see the first few of those roll by in Dropbox already.

Finally, I prepared two upcoming workshops. One is together with Jeroen for Berenschot, about using adventure games to increase awareness of integrity issues in the workplace. The challenge here is to design genuine moral challenges for players, in stead of obvious right/wrong choices.

The other is for a group of exhibition design students at Reinwardt Academy, about playful design. The plan is to have them remix a famous Peggy Guggenheim exhibition and make a playable scale model of their plan. Should be fun.

We also continued to do marketing on Bycatch. And as we soldiered on this week, we were occasionally delighted by a messages from players sharing their experiences with the game.

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