Hubbub has gone into hibernation.

Week 287

A week in which we got a lot of things done.

KUMA is nearing completion with another round of mockups run by the client. Aldo is making steady progress on the next version of Camparc. We are going to do an early concept exploration for SHIJIMI about games in urban development.

Most of my time went into a museum game we’re designing codenamed SHACHI. We are finding our feet in Unity and playing around with beacons right now. We’ll jump into development in earnest this week. I have gotten into the habit of shooting a video of the day’s findings with my S100. This is an easy high-fidelity way to share the design progress.

I also wrote a piece on why we are using Unity for this project and why we think it’s an important design tool.

Bycatch had a quiet week while we prepare to launch it.

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