Week 289

Camparc Mk II is in its final stages of development with some touch ups on the software and construction still to be done. There was also a breakthrough with the streaming of video over a 4G connection working for the first time. This is great since it will mean the balls can be deployed anywhere.

Received a bunch of Kontakt beacons for the current project

SHACHI saw a bunch of development where we are nearly at a feature complete alpha version which we will be polishing a bit this week in preparation of a playtest. We also received the beacons from Kontakt.io which we will use for playtesting.

For BANKEN Kars participated in a sketching session to create on overview of the product and plan out the course of the project.

For SHIJIMI I did research and sketched out what we think the concept should be. I then briefed our artist Marius Mörders to illustrate the concept model for a presentation next week.

We put on a blurb by Hans de Zwart on the Bycatch website. More blurbs and release updates are forthcoming.

Unity Berlin Meetup

I closed off the week attending the reboot of the Berlin Unity meetup. I was pleasantly surprised by the turnout and the insight about game design you get by talking to people actually creating games.

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