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Week 291

I’m writing this from the Netherlands where I spent this week taking meetings alongside Kars. I’ll be off to Berlin tomorrow while Kars is in Eindhoven for the first run of Camparc II at the STRP biennial. He did a technical test on Monday and final bits of production for what should be a spectacular launch tonight at the festival.

We’re not working on Home Rule right now. We demoed the prototype and talked about the next sprint at the Museumvereniging on Monday and at the Airborne Museum “Hartenstein” on Thursday. Key during the following sprint will be the possibiliy to integrate with one museum while still allowing other musea to participate. I was also really impressed by the current immersive experience they have there about the battle around Arnhem.

Lecture by Kars

On Tuesday both of us went to Rezone in Den Bosch for an afternoon of playing with and talking about urban development with people from Heijmans. Kars presented on moving away from gamification to a broader approach on playful design. I presented drawings we have made for CityCraft, our concept of how the negotiations around redevelopment could become more playful.

For BANKEN Kars reviewed the current sprint at Drop and on Thursday we spent part of the afternoon creating the first prototype with Public State.

For Bycatch we discussed our marketing strategy and tied up some odds and ends before we go into the final stretch. The next thing we are due to publish is a video of people playing the game and performing its signature action.

This week Kars received his copy of The Gameful World from the MIT Press with his contribution alongside those of more or less everybody we admire in the field. I’ve helped with the process from the beginning and I’m chuffed that it has become such an amazing and solid book.

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