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Week 292

Some significant achievements this week!

Let’s start with Camparc Mark II. We had a successful run during the weekend. Hardware and software performed admirably—a tip of the hat to Aldo and Arnaud—and people seemed to really enjoy it. Later this week we provided the STRP crew with some additional documentation so that they can run it independently in the weekend to come. We also published a nice little teaser video made by Sylvan with footage shot on Sunday. An expanded video will follow shortly.

I spent a large chunk of this week building a low fidelity prototype of a number of interactive videos for BANKEN. We are now in a good spot to have our filmmaking partner shoot rough video, after which we can transition into high fidelity prototyping.

For SHACHI we had a week in between sprints in which we reoriented the game’s fiction so that it allows us to more easily adapt to a range of physical contexts. This was a hard nut to crack, but we managed it mainly through some Boydian creation and destruction. Alper did the heavy conceptual lifting and Tim rapidly sketched out a storyboard of the new player experience. We are now confident that we can build a game about freedom that includes the history of warfighting and resistance in the Netherlands during WWII as well as current issues related to surveillance, censorship, etc.

On to Bycatch. We received a great review from Kill Screen. We are pleased not just because they liked it, but more importantly because they very clearly describe how it feels to play the game. Also this week Alper talked about the game at Hacks/Hackers Berlin and Lekha did the same at Playcrafting NYC. All of which resulted in a nice bump in pre-orders.

If you like hearing Alper talk, I have good news. He has two presentations coming up. One is on playful organisations at CounterPlay and the other is on issue games at re:publica. Both should be worth your while.

This was Alper’s final week of being without a studio. He benefited from LOLCATBIZ’s hospitality while preparing for the move into KANT‘s new digs at Aufbau Haus on the Monday ahead.

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